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First time hearing about startups

from YC

9 AM 10 - 10 - 2017

2:00 Todays topic: A list of counter-intuitive stuff you need to remember to survive as a startup

4:18 [.1] One of the biggest mistakes founders make is ignoring their intuition.

5:32 [.2] What you need to succeed in a startup is NOT expertise in a startup. You will learn as you go along instead of “playing house”. i.e. Just going through the motions of forming a start up.

11:24 [.3] Founding a startup is where gaming the system stops working. There’s no tricks for making a successful business.

14:30 [.4] Startups are all consuming. It will take over your life. It never gets easier.

19:54 [.5] You can’t tell if you’ve got what it takes to start a startup.

24:37 [.6] The way to get startup ideas is NOT to think of startup ideas. Instead, take a step back and turn your mind into one that generates startup ideas unconsciously.

31:20 Q&A

31:42 “How can a non-technical founder most contribute to a startup?“

33:00 “Is there value in business school if you’re interested in entrepreneurship?“

34:48 “How do you manage just a few people?“

36:24 “Are we currently in a bubble?“

39:23 “What advice do you have for female founders?“

40:37 “What would you learn in college right now?“

43:34 “When do you know to turn a side project into a startup?“

44:52 “What kind of startup should not go through an incubator?“

47:32 “How do you deal with hiring a homogenous culture?“